I’m a PhD candidate in political science at Yale University where I’m a graduate student affiliate with the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and the Center for the Study of American Politics. I’m also a research affiliate with the Human Cooperation Lab at MIT Sloan, and the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School.

My research focuses on topics at the intersection of social psychology and politics, as well as the design and analysis of (survey, lab, and field) experiments for causal inference in the social sciences. I’m broadly motivated by a desire to understand the psychological drivers of political conflict over procedural and distributional aspects of social policy, and how government activity (both real and perceived) affects beliefs, preferences, and behaviors. To do so, I draw on approaches from numerous disciplines. I seek to understand (i) the politics of intergroup conflict and cooperation using the tools of social psychology and behavioral economics; (ii) the cognitive mechanisms that drive political judgments and decision making, using the tools of social and cognitive psychology; and (iii) the consequences of social policy outcomes and evaluations of government, by combining the tools of modern statistics and causal inference with qualitative field research.

At Yale, I’ve worked primarily in collaborative research labs with Greg Huber and Dave Rand. You can also find me in the Yale StatLab where I work as a statistical consultant to faculty and graduate students. Before graduate school I worked in public policy research as a Research Fellow in the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research at the University of Melbourne. I’m also an experienced data scientist and have collaborated with industry and government in Australia and the United States on a variety of applied research projects and consulting engagements.

I hold a MA in Statistics from the Department of Statistics and Data Science, an MPhil in Political Science, and an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Economics from the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. My academic CV is here.